Dec 14, 2022
Mobile App backend in ROR

Ruby on Rails(RoR) lives rent-free in the heart of budding entrepreneurs. RoR has become the first choice for backend development as it is ruling the mobile application development market. 

Let’s see how Ruby on Rails can make your business mobile application more profitable and how it is the perfect backend technology.

Why opt for Ruby?

Ruby has an uncluttered and brief syntax that does not need extra punctuation. Ruby is a clean object-oriented language with a predictable and flexible syntax, which is easy to write and read. Ruby needs less code to build the basic structures. 

Why opt for Rails?

Rails have gained popularity because of their conventions which are intelligent and universal. Rails framework uses Ruby to develop web applications. 

Rails is similar to a storehouse with all the prewritten code that helps implement various functions and structures driven by the database and eliminates unproductive labor that arises at the beginning of the project. 

Understanding the Significance of Backend Development

Before developing any application, it is significant to analyze all the technologies that we have on our plate and pick the right one that can cater to our needs. 
Some Deciding Factors are:
  • Authenticating the user
  • Providing dynamic data depending on the behavior of the user.
  • Admin driver configuration functionality
  • Technology stack needed for the application.
Apart from the above-mentioned advanced features, one would require an interface for application programming and an API for the backend to access all the resources necessary for the mobile application. Before that, let us understand the backend development.

Back-end Purpose

An application’s backend aims to define to what extent the capabilities will be integrated into the app and manage the capabilities. 

Some of those capabilities are data storing, synchronization of data across platforms, providing support to different HTTP methods, and the ability to provide notification messages and alerts. 

Back-end Architecture

Database, web server, and application server together comprise the back-end architecture. To grow the application, a lot of service integration(queuing services, email notification, and push notification) and a load balancer are needed. 

The type of functionality and feature you want to include in the app will determine what to add to the architecture. 

Back-end Technologies

To maintain communication between the database, application, and server, server-side languages are utilized by the developers, like Java, Python, PHP, .Net, and Ruby. Tools like SQL server, MySql, and Oracle are used to modify, save and find the data and provide it to the user on the front-end side. 

Benefits of Using Ruby On Rails For Backend Development

Benifit of Ruby on Rails Backend
Less is more

RoR development is about writing less code without compromising efficiency. The principles and concepts of RoR are REST(Representational State Transfer), CRUD(Create, Read, Update and Delete), DRY(Don’t repeat yourself), KISAP(Keep it simple as possible), and COC(Convention Over Configuration). These principles follow a simple logic that minimizes busywork and lines of code.  

Easy to make changes

With RoR, it is easy to bring changes to the code or add new functionalities to the application. Even after the application launch, one can add modifications to the model quickly and easily. This framework offers predictability and stability, which makes it an excellent pick for projects in the long run. 


Agile methodology is maintained while working with RoR. It allows the developer to divide the project into smaller segments. It will enable developers to prioritize each segment and do testing and refining before jumping to the next segment. Mobile applications build using agile methods produce few errors and bugs. 

Open Source 

RoR framework is free to use. It is open-source software and comes with an MIT license. It provides ‘gems’ used by the developer to save money and time. 

Reasons to opt for Ruby On Rails for Mobile App Backend

The dynamic combination of the Ruby programming language with the Rails framework allows the development of enigmatic mobile applications. 

Mobile apps backend by Ruby on Rails enjoys the below-mentioned benefit. 


Ruby on Rails has a gigantic community that is a boon for developers. Such support allows keeping the applications up to date. 

Ruby on Rails has thousands of gems that developers can use multiple times. Hence entrepreneurs are inclined towards using Ruby on Rails for their mobile applications. 

Agile development 

RoR works on Agile principles. The development of applications on RoR happens in sprints. The agile working methodology produces few bugs and errors. 

After completing one project segment, the developers can start working on the next part. This provides ease of development and simplicity. 

Swift/Low Coding

Developers find RoR handy and easy as it does not involve hardcore coding. RoR is tricky at first, but once the developer learns about the functionality, working with it is hassle-free. 

The concept on which RoR works are: Not repeating yourself, prioritizing convention and then the configuration, keeping things simple, and using a representative transfer state. 


We all agree that mobile users do have low patience levels. If the app takes a long time to load, we mostly switch to a better one. As the user count increases, it is mandatory to cater to their needs more precisely. 

RoR efficiently handles incoming traffic, making it the best mobile app development industry technology. 

It saves Money and Time

Ruby on Rails is open source, providing the flexibility to avail of free plugins. This saves money and time. 

Popular Mobile Application Backend by Ruby On Rails

Popular Mobile App using Ruby On Rails Backend

RoR makes a great choice when it comes to building Mobile applications. Here are some popular applications we have been using, which Ruby on Rails backs.


Airbnb provides vacation rentals to travelers across the world. More than 75 million searches are seen in this app in around 191 countries and 65,000 locations. This app allows the traveler to book tree houses, rooms, apartments, and boats.


For developers, GitHub is their social networking platform. It is a code repository built with Ruby on Rails. This platform was created to enable collaboration and host various IT projects for the developers. It also allows the developers to access all the projects that used open-source software and paid repositories for any private projects.


Dribble is built on RoR. It creates a network that allows designers from various genres to unite, like graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, logo designers, icon artists, and many creative people, and showcase their talent.


Fiverr is a popular site with an online marketplace where freelancers from any corner of the world can earn with their skills and knowledge like translation, writing, design, etc. As it is built on RoR, it reportedly has a history of fantastic user experience.


David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of RoR, has launched Basecamp. It is a web application that offers features like organizing project members, managing documents, monitoring progress, delegating tasks, scheduling, etc.


Technologies are dynamic, which compels us to analyze how long the current technological trend will last. RoR can be used for both web apps and mobile apps. This versatile framework will allow you to build Android and iOS applications with excellent user experience and functionality, which is better than any other technology used for mobile devices.

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