Discourse Development With Ruby on Rails

Let your community discussions reach a new high!

Ensuring effective communication online has been a prime agenda of internet activities globally. Scores of devices, platforms and modes have been invented to facilitate that goal over the years of technology evolutions.

Are you looking for a multipurpose open-source discussion platform that actually helps you de-clutter your communications? Choose Discourse . We, at Essence Solusoft , can help you utilise it to the maximum potential.

Success Comes in Every Size

With the years of experience and result-driven approach in RoR development, we help you leverage Ruby On Rails, a full-stack and modern development framework to create reliable and user-friendly solutions.
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What Is Discourse RoR?

Discourse Ruby on Rails is an open-source software designed to meet the need of seamless multichannel communications of this era of internet savvy generation. It’s built with JS on a RoR framework and runs perfectly as a web application.

Are you looking for a discussion platform that enables communication streams over multiple channels like a regular community forum, Twitter and Facebook simultaneously? Do you want it to use a combination of different browsers, smart devices and still function flawlessly?

Discourse meets all those criteria with simplicity and fun!


What’s So Special about Discourse?

Discourse is the top choice among the open source applications for facilitating group communications today. Wondering why?
  • It has a user-friendly, simple and clutter-free interface
  • You can easily search for older posts on any topic within your community forum
  • Discourse makes creating new posts a simple, fun and engaging activity
  • Discourse development allows us to customize the languages to highlight the code, per your preference
  • You can extend even category level subscriptions to your users for a more concise discussion thread
  • You can send push notifications for are new posts and answers to previously posted questions to all interested users
  • Discourse works with the same level of perfection over mobiles and tablets (both android and iOS) over stable versions of browsers like:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Apple Safari
  • And the best of all features for a user — you can prevent trolling, spam and most other negative communication forms in Discourse!

What are You Waiting For?

Discourse developer required today? Step up to the world of richer group communications with our expertise on Discourse and experience the change!

Discourse Development With Ruby on Rails

We work with our clients to provide them the most appropriate solution for their individual requirements at Essence Solusoft. We offer our Discourse development services if you want to
  • Distribute a wide range of content (text, video, images, tweets, codes etc.) to multiple online users effortlessly
  • Initiate and sustain communication within your regular users (like a gamers’ community, a chat forum for bloggers and viewers, Q&A with users on a merchant website etc.)
  • Create and share your brand’s voice online through an active, organized discussion forum.
We deliver solutions that’re totally customised, effective and economical for you.


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