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Open source customization is among one the latest trends in which organizations are leveraging to enhance the business values. Open Source Customization comprises of two terms which are open source and customization. Open source is a framework in which the source code is accessible to the customers easily. Open source has helped businesses to start quickly and effectively.

At Essence Solusoft, we always provide all our clients with scalable, appropriate, and sound solutions. If we feel that the client’s project type and requirements are suitable for open source solutions available, we may advise them to go for it. With this, they get the benefit of the reduction in the total costs of their project. The best part is most of the open-source have the adaptability to customize it as per the requirements.

Success Comes in Every Size

With the years of experience and result-driven approach in RoR development, we help you leverage Ruby On Rails, a full-stack and modern development framework to create reliable and user-friendly solutions.
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How do we work as an Open source customization service provider?

We provide different types of Open source customization services
  • Open Source Web Application Development
  • Open Source eCommerce customizations
  • Open Source Plugin and Theme Customization
  • Open Source CMS Customization
  • Open Source Customization Services
  • Ruby on Rails eCommerce solutions
  • Ruby on Rails for E-Commerce Products

What are the benefits of Open Source Customization?

  • Speedy Web Applications Development
  • Secured web Applications
  • Cost-Effective and Affordable
  • It is without Vendor Lock-in Problems
  • License Management is Easy
  • Plentiful and Free Support
  • Quality Coding with Security


Our Achievements

Open Source Development, our offerings with RoR is as under:

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce is a versatile platform and cost-efficient solution that suits the business needs perfectly. Spree Commerce is developed with Ruby on Rails, known for its mind-boggling speed and stability in production. It is mainly known for its reliability factor.

Which are the core features of Spree Commerce Development?

  • It has the ability to get modified as per the needs and requirements of different businesses
  • Spree Commerce has amazing extensions available which benefit the clients
  • Beautiful and user-friendly apps can be created with Spree Commerce Development
  • It is the framework build with utmost scalability
  • This platform allows the traffic to grow
  • It provides the clients with impeccable website performance
  • Along with the standard features, it also has some additional extra features
  • It is best in terms of overall performance
  • Responsive design elements can be easily implemented
  • It has a wonderful interface and administrative dashboard

Looking for Spree Commerce Development Services or Consulting?

Hire Spree Commerce Developers from Essence Solusoft, we are one of the reliable Spree Commerce Development Company in India.

Redmine Development Services

We help you in every step of the way to make your working life smoother, pleasant and more successful. From consultancy, design, and development we provide all under one roof. Redmine can be easily operated in many installation modes. It helps you to have full control over different hardware resources and also some extensions.

Some of the main features of Redmine are:

  • It provides multiple projects support
  • It provides flexible role-based access control
  • It is the flexible issue tracking system
  • It shows feeds & email notifications

Our Redmine Services Includes

Redmine Custom Development

Redmine Support

Redmine Plugins

Redmine Custom Plugin Development

Redmine Enterprise Integration

If you are in need of Expert Redmine Consultant to get the required advice, training, and custom development, you can contact Essence Solusoft and Hire our Redmine Experts.


Discourse is the 100% open source, next-generation discussion platform developed over the Web for the present and next decades. It has only one version and that is an open-source version. Discourse sets aside all the complexity and only the essential things on the screen are placed– the discussions that you most care about are placed based on your involvement.

Features of Discourse are as under:

  • It is a clean and simple interface
  • With Discourse, the search of older posts becomes easy
  • The features of Discourse are good to consider for creating posts
  • It can customize the languages that are used generally for highlighting the code.
  • It provides category level subscriptions
  • It provides push notifications when there are new posts
  • It has the ability of spam detection
  • Ability to answer the asked questions

Discourse Development has all the best features for open source customization. Ready to get started? Enjoy this simple and easy platform with our Expert Discourse Developers.


RubyGems is a platform for the control of Ruby packages. The RubyGems interface is a command-line tool called gem that can install and control libraries.

RubyGems has its community host which offers you:

With a better API for dealing with gems

Help you to create more transparent and easily accessible project pages

Help you to improve and enhance the site

Why choose Essence Solusoft for Open source customization?

Make Your Business Grow With Our Services

To stand still in the online world we provide you with the platform that streamlines and simplifies your complex processes. Essence Solusoft offers unmatched solutions for your need of customizing a website or an application. We serve advanced solutions to improve your business with unrivaled benefits.

Bespoke Offering

We move you a step ahead of your rivals by offering different and unique websites than the normal ones made with the simple standard template. With Essence Solusoft, you can get an off-the-shelf solution with a myriad of latest features, the sky is the limit for your unique and high functional website.

Experienced Developers

With the expertise of a number of years, our developers are masters in creating custom and groundbreaking websites after understanding your project thoroughly and holistically. They have the ability to perceive you as well as your business offerings before they craft any solutions.

Customization Services on Which You Can Rely

At Essence Solusoft, we advise genuine solutions of which the client was not previously aware of. With our latest tactics, you can leave a decisive impact on the site’s visitors. With our allegiance to your project, we make sure to use all the elements of customer-centered approaches.

Proven Methodologies

To make your business stand out from the rest, we try to squeeze more out of your normal website. Earlier practiced methods are always given attention to attract customers to your store in minutes. Essence Solusoft enhances website user engagement with its methods easily and quickly.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Solutions that make your work more accessible! Avail a state-of-the-art website for your small and medium-sized businesses. Pure innovation and creative ideas that also at competitive cost helps our clients to scale and develop.

“Simplify your task, leave everything on us!”


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