Jun 15, 2023

To display his admiration and dedication towards ROR and making it more popular even after 18 years of its official initiation, Sachin Gevariya, CEO and founder of Essence Solusoft, brought full-service Ruby on Rails development company and is helping its client businesses to achieve the best possible growth and reputation in their respective industries.

In his interview with GoodFirms, Mr. Gevariya described Essence Solusoft’s success story and his professional journey to take the company to the horizon.

Essence Solusoft is an enterprise-grade full-stack development service provider based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company came into the foundation in 2016 to present scalable, secure, and high-performing web and mobile applications for startups, enterprises, and SMEs. Over 20+ professionals and expert engineers have accomplished 130 projects so far for over 56 satisfied clients associated with the company. For Essence Solusoft, success comes in every size, and so is with the type of companies they work with.

Team GoodFirms got to interview Sachin Gevariya to inquire about how the company was established and his roles and responsibilities as the company’s CEO and Technical Head.

Mr. Gevariya initiates the interview by sharing his love, passion, and experience working on full-stack Ruby on Rails and Shopify Applications. He shared that he has seven years of experience working with various companies as a Team leader and Project Manager. Still, he always wanted to start his firm dedicated explicitly to ROR projects. Hence, he incorporated Essence Solusoft as an amalgamation of a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. 

As a Founder and Technical Director of the company, Mr. Gevariya takes hold of 25 people in his team. He responsibly maintains all the technical project outcomes by prioritizing client satisfaction and ensuring their client companies’ best possible growth and brand reputation.

Company’s Business Model.

Mr. CEO clears that though they lead all their client projects perfectly, they act as back-end Ruby on Rails partners for their clients. Most of their business involves offering dedicated development services to their clients on a contract basis. He says they also work with product development companies for fulfilling their product development and consulting needs. The entire work within the company is operated through in-house resources.

How Essence Solusoft is Different and to Whom it Caters?​

Mr. Gevariya calls Essence Solusoft a niche company utilizing all the latest technologies to complete their projects successfully. The entire team of professionals working in the company is well-versed in ROR and other relevant technologies on which they work. They are confident, and this makes them different from their counterparts.

They cater to real estate, healthcare, and e-commerce industries and successfully maintain a ratio of 91% as their repetitive business from the existing clients. The company is rated as the top software development service provider in Ahmedabad by GoodFirms. It is appreciated by a large group of customers and third-party companies for their marvelous performance in the market.

Essence Solusoft is Known Best for its World-Class Tech Services​

Essence Solusoft creates quality software products to benefit all sizes of businesses. The company never thinks before going out of the box to understand its customers’ vision and how they can deliver custom-made, intuitive, and client-oriented web and mobile app development solutions. Mr. Gevariya throws light on some of the top-notch services offered by the company:

  • Ruby on Rails Development

  • Shopify Development

  • Full Stack App Development

  • Cloud Services

  • Open-Source Customization

  • Hire ROR Developers


Essence Solusoft is Known Best for its World-Class Tech Services

Mr. Gevariya and his team are confident about how they treat their customers. As he says, they generally consult them about their requirements and inform them about the possible outcome of their project. They ask about the resources needed and how they can help the clients to achieve their objectives. This personalized approach dramatically helps the company provide a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

The SLA-driven support system is facilitated for the clients to cater to their queries and solve their issues, making things easier for both parties. Positive client testimonials make the company stay a one-step ahead in all its endeavors.


Essence Solusoft’s Payment Structure​

As Mr. Ghevariya cleared, Essence Solusoft follows a straight-forward billing structure as,

  • Monthly payment is charged for dedicated remote resources.

  • The payment-per-milestone payment model for all fixed-cost projects.

  • Payment is charged for the projects worked every 40 hours as per the Time and Materials model.

As he confirms, the minimum budget charged for a project is 5,000 USD. In 2022, they catered from 6,500 USD to 48,000 USD projects.

Future Prospects

Mr. CEO is quite optimistic about the future of his company. He clears that they want to increase their team by 100 people in the next five years. They develop in-house SaaS products to generate a consistent business flow and develop their own Shopify product yearly to obtain traction in the e-commerce industry and showcase their app expertise.

The best thing is they draft goals for their entire company for a 5, 7, and 10 years ratio and believe that their dedication towards achieving their single purpose of growing together is the motive for how they always get closer to their goals from time to time. 

Here concludes Mr. Gevariya’s interview with GoodFirms. The detailed interview can be read on Essence Solusoft’s GoodFirms profile page.

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Sachiin Gevariya

Sachin Gevariya is a Founder and Technical Director at Essence Solusoft. He is dedicated to making the best use of modern technologies to craft end-to-end solutions. He also has a vast knowledge of Cloud management. He loves to do coding so still doing the coding. Also, help employees for quality based solutions to clients. Always eager to learn new technology and implement for best solutions.