May 12, 2023
Ruby Developer's skill, responsibilitie and salary

Basically, Ruby is a consequence of supply and demand. The majority of programmers are enormous fans of object-oriented programming (OOP). A decade after the 1990s, Ruby flourished to mass appeal. An object-oriented language, Ruby is simple and elegant. Even if someone doesn’t know about coding in detail, they could understand the Ruby code.

In this article, we discuss why Ruby is so unique and, consequently, why Ruby developers are very much in demand. We discuss at length the various roles of a Ruby developer and what you should look for if you are on the hiring side of the table.

What is Ruby development?

An interpreted one-source programming language, Ruby, is very famous among programmers. It is for general purposes- it can be used in various domains to create any virtual application. Roby is free to boot. However, what makes Ruby so unique and popular are the objects. Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto’s long search for an appropriate OOP language led to the foundation of Ruby.

Although Python and Peri were object-oriented, he was not satisfied with their performance. The idea was conceived in 1993 when he decided to write his own language, and hence, in December 1995, he released Ruby 0.95.

An interpreted one-source programming language, Ruby, is very famous among programmers. It is for general purposes- it can be used in various domains to create any virtual appl

Ruby on Rails

The credit for Ruby’s immense popularity mainly goes to Ruby on Rails Development. It is a framework designed for web application development. It is a server-side one- most of the work is done on the web server and not on the client end. Developed in 2004 by David Hansson, Ruby on Rails is more popular than Ruby.

Building websites has become more efficient for developers. One of Ruby’s greatest principles is convention over configuration, and it is partial to the former. Many of the settings for a web application are done by default. So, developers only need to configure unconventional files.

Good ReadRuby on Rails Developers – Skills, Job Description, Salary, and Everything You Need to Know

ication. Roby is free to boot. However, what makes Ruby so unique and popular are the objects. Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto’s long search for an appropriate OOP language led to the foundation of Ruby.

Although Python and Peri were object-oriented, he was not satisfied with their performance. The idea was conceived in 1993 when he decided to write his own language, and hence, in December 1995, he released Ruby 0.95.

Who are Ruby developers?

A Ruby developer is a back-end software developer who works on those things invisible to the user’s screen. This programming is an important part of all web applications and also greatly influences their functionality. A ruby developer will associate with a front-end developer to ensure that the UI (User Interface) of the client is meticulously integrated with the UX (User Experience) functions.

Therefore, a Ruby developer is responsible for creating databases required to support an application and also ensuring that when a user puts in data, those libraries function appropriately. This job has immensely flourished because of Ruby on Rails.

Why do we need a Ruby developer?

We have already discussed why and how Ruby has emerged to be a powerful programming language for web developers. In this section, we discuss 5 top reasons why you need a Ruby developer to make your business more efficient. This job has emerged to be a hot topic in the field, primarily because of the advancement of Ruby on Rails.

  • A Ruby developer has professional experience.

It requires a certain level of expertise to work with Ruby on Rails because it is a very complicated framework based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern. If you hire Ruby developers, you get the professional expertise of people who have extensive knowledge of this complex framework and can help you build premium-quality web applications. 

They are more familiar with the best ways to develop codes that are easily scalable and manageable than anyone else. Therefore, you will have the assurance of your web application being maintained and upgraded regularly. Therefore, Ruby developers are very much in demand right now.

  • A Ruby developer helps speed up the development process.

A Ruby developer will be extremely beneficial to your enterprise because they already have experience working with pre-built modules and tools. They know the best way to use the framework for efficient and quick application building. Also, they understand the ‘convention over Configuration’ tenet very well, allowing them to create and develop a project without focusing much on configuration and set-up responsibilities.

They will solely invest their time and energy in the core features of the application and try to improve its functionality. Therefore, the overall time required to introduce your product to the market is minimized greatly. A skilled Ruby developer will help you develop premium-quality web applications faster than other similar companies, thereby giving you a competitive advantage.

  • A Ruby developer helps you save money.

Outsourcing your development requirements to a Ruby developer will help you build your application cost-effectively. You can opt for in-house developers, but it is quite expensive because they demand unreasonable salaries and privileges. So, it’s always better to hire professional Ruby developers because it saves you loads of money. 

Also, since they work efficiently to build applications in a very short period of time, you can save on many extra expenses and bring the product to market at the same time. Therefore, you have more cost savings because quick application development helps you generate revenue sooner than you had expected.

  • A Ruby developer creates a responsive design.

In today’s technologically advanced world, responsive design is an integral part of web application development. Ruby developers are skilled in creating optimized applications for a variety of screen sizes and devices. They use media queries and flexible layouts and understand why providing a seamless experience to users is so critical in this field.

Responsive design techniques help them ensure that the resultant application works equally well on all devices, thereby promoting user engagement and reliability. Consequently, users will spend more time on the website because they can access it very easily from anywhere, thereby increasing traffic and conversion rates.

  • A Ruby developer provided clear, premium-quality code.

Ruby developers are extremely skilled in writing good quality, manageable codes following industry practices and coding standards. They meticulously test the code using testing frameworks so that your application is bug-free and performs very smoothly. This approach is extremely important for business enterprises that want scalable and low-maintenance web applications that will also evolve seamlessly with time.

Therefore, rather than hiring novice or moderately trained coders, you should always opt for a professional Ruby developer with skill and experience. Their sheer expertise in this field will make your job easier and help you develop a web application with high functionality.

Top qualities of Ruby developers

Learning the Ruby programming language is not enough to become a Ruby developer. There are plenty of attributes that aspiring developers must focus on. Also, if you are hiring, look out for these qualities in your candidates. In this section, we discuss the top 5 qualities of a good Ruby developer:

  • A Ruby developer must have the technical know-how.

A Ruby developer in the making must learn in detail about the basics of programming, such as syntax, control flow, and loops. Then they can move on to higher things like hashes and OOP. Once they have mastered these concepts, they will be ready to work on their first project. Initially, they could start practicing by making something they have been assigned or something they are creating to solve a problem in their own lives.

Also, Ruby developers must join communities where they can showcase their skills and compete with other people to check how efficient they have become. GitHub, Stack Overflow, and freeCodeCamp are some of the most popular online portals for the congregation of Ruby developers. You can also seek guidance from other professional developers if required.

  • A Ruby developer has to be quality-oriented.

Quality is not just a subjective term, especially when it comes to programming and web application development. Only when a quality code is clean and secure does it become reliable to clients. Therefore, an efficient Ruby developer must be able to make consistent and easily understood code that has been repeatedly tested for assurance. 

Being a quality-oriented developer means that you will use methods while coding and then use checklists after finishing to make sure all necessary criteria have been met by the code. Understanding methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Prototype, or RAD is essential to become a good Ruby developer.

  • A Ruby developer must have good problem-solving skills.

Programming using the Ruby language means you will encounter frequent problems. Now, as a developer, it will never work out if you are frustrated or anxious when these problems occur. So, a better approach to such situations is acting radically and patiently.

If you wish to overcome your obstacles, you will. So, developers have to consider challenges as a pivotal part of the process, something that helps them learn and grow. Therefore, to become a good Ruby developer, you must have the right mindset. You have to work on your problem-solving skills so that you don’t have an outburst every time you face an issue.

  • A Ruby developer has to be curious.

If you think that you already know everything about being a Ruby developer and there is nothing else to learn, you will never be able to improve your skills. So, being professional means, you have to constantly learn from your mistakes and be willing to learn from people who are far more skilled and good at this job.

Always be curious and open to new approaches and remember that there is always something to learn from everyone around you, be it your colleagues or community members. The programming industry goes through rapid changes, and hence, you have to keep learning.

  • A Ruby developer must be able to work alone as well as part of a team.

Ruby developers generally append most of their time working alone, but certain projects and circumstances require collaboration with other team members or clients. So, you have to be capable of doing both. Being a part of a team means you have to understand the project, present your queries and opinions to the community and also be equally interested in knowing about their goals and approaches.

For the coding phase, you need to be very disciplined so that you can get your part of the project done within the deadline. You might also have to communicate with other members to clear doubts or learn something new.

Roles of a Ruby developer

In this section, we list out the specific roles you would expect a Ruby developer to perform after you have hired them for your company:

  • Must be able to write easy, clean, and scalable codes in Ruby.
  • Must be able to build back-end components for applications
  • Must be able to test the newly created web applications and check functionality and security issues.
  • Must be able to review junior developers’ codes and debug them, if needed.
  • Must be able to integrate data storing and processing solutions.
  • Must be able to build and install plugins and gems.
  • Must be able to create automated test scripts.
  • Must be able to evolve and manage applications after they have been deployed.
  • Must be able to collaborate with other team members if needed.
  • Must be able to work on the various layers of the infrastructure.

Skills Needed to Become a Ruby Developer

Skills Needed to Become a Ruby Developer

In this section, we discuss some of the most crucial skills that one needs to become a Ruby developer.

  • Knowing alternative frameworks.

Ruby is not restricted to Rails. It has a much broader scope that might sometimes be overwhelming for developers. Since a Ruby developer will be working on it almost every day, it is wiser to run it with other applications like Sinatra, Grape, or Rack. They must understand what is easily accessible and then think about how it can be utilized for better productivity. 

With this knowledge, a Ruby developer will be able to make quick and smarter improvement decisions and also consolidate non-Rails approaches into the preexisting Rails application.

Therefore, a brief understanding of alternative frameworks is very important.

  • Knowing the functionality of the Web.

Many Ruby web developers have minimal knowledge regarding how the Web functions. Although it is quite basic to know what happens when you enter an URL address and press Enter while building a Ruby application, most designers are unaware of it. 

Therefore, a basic understanding of the different aspects of the Web, including TCP/IP, DNS framework, or HTTP convention, including cookies and headers, is expected of a good Ruby developer. So, before you rush into understanding the complex technicalities required to be a Ruby developer, dive into the basics first and make sure you understand every bit of it.

  • Knowing about Unix.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a Mac or Linux-based Ruby developer, you have to take advantage of the terminal for a few special endeavors, either local or online. Using IDE like RubyMine will give you the aptitude to create and test Rails applications. But it doesn’t assure that you are capable of running it on the server and test creation framework. 

Therefore, Unix directions are extremely beneficial for transferring your data and maintaining your projects in one place. Also, as an efficient developer, your project is consolidated through the process, and consequently, you can create better Ruby codes.

  • Knowing how to compose

A good Ruby developer must be able to type as fast as possible. So, if you want to become one, you must practice typing on a decent console. The work of Ruby developers becomes quite easier when they don’t have to worry about composing. Also, if you have to manage terminal-based conditions like vim, tmux, zsh, etc., this will come in very handy.

  • Knowing how to create databases

As a Ruby developer, your goal is to compose easy, secure, and scalable database-supported web applications. Therefore, knowing how to converse with the specific database is very crucial.

This is a very important aspect, especially when it comes to the investigation of the execution process or related uses. Also, learning about the database system will allow you to compose smarter, briefer, and faster Ruby codes.

Certifications needed to be a Ruby developer

In this section, we discuss some of the most important and mandatory certifications required to become a Ruby developer:

  • Certification from the Ruby Association

The RRCP (Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer) is a program for developers who want to showcase their knowledge and aptitude in the Ruby language. An international organization promoting the Ruby language, the Ruby Association administers this certification. To achieve this certification, a candidate has to pass two examinations, written and practical.

While the former covers OOP, data structure, algorithms, and many other theory-based sections, the latter requires candidates to use Ruby and additional libraries to solve problems. The certification process is generally done within 4-6 months. During registration, all candidates have to pay a fee of USD 200.

  • Certification from the International Association of Software Architects

The IASA (International Association of Software Architects) is a professional program that selects candidates with only a high level of understanding and expertise in Ruby. This recognition is very important for aspiring software developers and engineers because they get a chance to showcase their skills and capabilities in this field. Candidates have to go through online assessments, written exams, and practical projects to get this certification.

Before getting certified, aspirants have to become IASA members, the membership starting from $99 per year. Also, the cost of getting the certification will depend on your choice of additional courses for better learning.

  • Certification from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)​​​​​​​

The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) provides this certification for aspiring Ruby developers. Candidates must showcase their skills and understanding of the OOP, data structure, web development, etc. The entire certification process is completed within six months. Applicants must pass the online assessment by skill demonstration.

Then, they will be eligible to sit for the final test and answer MCQs and coding questions. To register, they have to pay a fee of USD 150. This fee is inclusive of all tests taken. Study materials will be provided, and practice tests will help them prepare for the final test.

  • Certification from the American Computer Society (ACS)

​​​​​​​The ACS (American Computer Society) provides this industry-recognized certification to a candidate proficient enough in the Ruby language. This validation guarantees that a developer has the necessary comprehensive understanding of the language, its syntax, and its web application. To receive the certification, a candidate has to pass the online exam, including MCQs and programming projects. The exam goes on for about two hours.

Applicants must also have at least two-three years of experience handling Ruby programming. The registration and examination fee is around USD 150. Candidates can register on the ACS website and purchase the voucher code required to appear for the online exam. After successful completion of the exam, applicants will receive their certificates within 14 working days if they qualify.

  • Certification from the Information Technology Certification Council (ITCC)

​​​​​​​The ITCC (Information Technology Certification Council) has been specially designed to demonstrate a candidate’s knowledge and skills in Ruby programming. It mainly aims at software and web developers and other system administrators who use Ruby regularly. Applicants have to pass an online exam based on topics like basic syntax, OOP, database integration, etc.

There are 50 MCQs, and it goes on for 2 hours. A candidate just has two-three years of experience in Ruby to gain eligibility for this certification. Also, it is very helpful if they have been through any specific Ruby-based training programs. The exam fee is USD 295.

How to Hire a Ruby Developer?

In this section, we discuss the several steps to hire the ideal Ruby developer for your enterprise:

  • Find out an ideal Ruby developer profile

​​​​​​​Kick off the process by scanning through Ruby developers’ profiles very carefully. As an HR specialist or recruiter, your job is to find someone who can fulfill your technical requirements. But don’t forget to look for other capabilities like communication and problem-solving skills, deviation and discipline, ability to cope with teamwork, etc. The new employee must be able to fit into your company culture.

Also, look out for their past Ruby experience and scrutinize the projects they have previously worked on. Since the majority of technical work and client interaction happens in English, the chosen candidate must be fluent in English.

  • Opt for the best hiring model for your engineering team.

​​​​​​​A suitable Ruby developer profile is not enough. As a recruiter, you should also pay attention to the various hiring models based on the requirements of your engineering team. While some enterprises choose direct hiring, others go for staff augmentation. Directly hired candidates to assure 100% commitment to the enterprise and streamlined communication, but they have a costly salary structure, and the onboarding process is too lengthy. 

Staff augmentation, on the other hand, is quite budget-friendly and has a larger talent pool. You can scale them according to requirements, but you will fail to establish a direct and strong relationship with the developer.

  • Determine the hiring cost for Ruby developers.

​​​​​​​Figuring out the salary structure of a Ruby developer depends on several factors. To determine the best range, you have to keep in mind the requirements of your engineering team and the efficiency of the developer. If the chosen candidate has specialized knowledge, greater experience, and problem-solving skills and is available at a suitable location, the salary range will be elevated.

Hiring senior-level Ruby developers will require you to set a bigger hiring budget. In the US, the salary of entry-level and professional Ruby developers goes as an average of about $57.060 and $1,27,979 per year.

  • Shortlisting the location of the developer according to your requirements.

​​​​​​​A Ruby developer’s location with hugely impact the hiring cost. It influences factors like cost-effectiveness, time zones, reputation, and skills in English. A smart recruiter will always compare Ruby developer rates by region before making a decision. For example, the rates are quite higher in the US and Western Europe parts of the world while Latin America is a low-cost region.

It is the ideal place from a business point of view. HRs can schedule meetings as per requirements and constantly scrutinize the Ruby web development process to make sure everything happens as per the client’s demands, and the project is delivered on time.

  • Finishing key recruitment steps

​​​​​​​Before you hire a Ruby developer, you must complete key steps. For example, use a renowned hiring platform like LinkedIn to post job requirements. Conduct an interview and skill test and do a thorough background check. Also, you should always check how the developer might fit into the company and work alongside other team members who will be hired in the future.

Also, the chosen candidate must be humble and well-mannered enough to work with your engineering team and project managers. You can also arrange a group meeting, including the new candidate, to see how good the communication and understanding are.

  • Give an attractive job offer and start onboarding.

​​​​​​​After you have chosen the ideal Ruby developer, you have to prepare an attractive contract they can’t refuse. Based on your priorities, this contract light provides the candidate with a good salary and remote workplace advantages. Also, you might have to provide them with a tech set-up.

If the Ruby developer accepts your proposal, the onboarding process will be started by the engineering team so that the new employee can match up with the speed of any ongoing project. It is never easy to hire Ruby developers who align with your enterprise in every way. But with a brief knowledge of the hiring models and existing salary structures, the process becomes a bit easier.

Salary structure of a Ruby developer

A Ruby developer earns about an average of $103k per year in the USA. This rate varies based on the developer’s level of experience and region. At the same time, a junior Ruby developer might make as much as $88k per year, while a senior and highly professional one can make up to $128k per year.


Mistakes to avoid while hiring a Ruby developer

Lack of technical knowledge and wrong analysis of developer profiles might lead to hiring the wrong type of candidate for your business. It is very difficult to find a few efficient employees from this limited pool available. In this section, we discuss five common mistakes you can make while hiring a Ruby developer:

  • You don’t screen the applications properly.

Proper screening of every application is very critical if you want to find out the best candidates and eliminate the unworthy ones. This is a primary step in the hiring process, and if you are mistaken at this one, you will suffer from a huge loss, be it of time, money, or resources. Therefore, always arrange for an introductory interview with chosen clients. Meet them face-to-face and review their knowledge and skills. Cross-check all information provided on the resume and ask as many questions as you feel like. 

  • You hire inexperienced developers.

To save money, you go for inexperienced Ruby developers because you think they will eventually catch up and learn while working for you. But this is a huge mistake and will cost you later. Always remember that if you are trying to provide the best service to your clients, you have to invest in professional Ruby developers. They have the expertise and aptitude required to meet your client’s requirements. Therefore, the more professional developers you hire, the finer your product will be.

  • You select a candidate only based on their resume.

A resume is indeed a crucial part of the hiring process, but it is not the only thing that matters. There is a possibility that everything you see is not apt and some things have been exaggerated. So, a personal assessment of the candidate’s skills and techniques is very important if you want them to provide you with the professional service you need for your enterprise. Therefore, before hiring, make sure your new employee is as good as they say they are.

  • You don’t cross-check references.

Even when you have completed the hiring process and decided who to hire, it is always best to play it safe and contact their previous employer. You can cross-check the information they have provided and know about their performance and communication. This last step will ensure that you hire only the perfect employee for your job who will work dedicatedly and not cause any unnecessary trouble.

Best places to hire a developer

In this section, we provide you with a list of the top 10 online sites where you can hire an efficient Ruby developer:

  • Essence Solusoft
  • Ruby Now 
  • Turing 
  • Toptal
  • Techfetch
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Arc
  • Fiverr
  • HackerEarth
  • FlexJobs


Wrapping up, we have discussed at length the various aspects of hiring a Ruby developer. The knowledge you get will help you make a better choice when you are hiring a developer for your company. In this field, there are lots of promising talents available in the market, but they are gone very soon because of a shortage of supply. So, it is important to make quick but wise decisions. Always make sure you have the best candidates working for your company so that your product is perfect and it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket to hire a Ruby developer.

Sachiin Gevariya

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