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What is Cloud Service?

IT services that can be accessed from any cloud computing provider is termed as Cloud Services. Cloud services is a wider term which includes all the Cloud Computing services and delivery models. These services are accessible globally from the internet. Cloud service provider builds, operate and manage all the cloud services to ensure security, reliability, and availability of the cloud. To meet the needs of the users, cloud services can be scaled.

There are three basic types of cloud services:



Cloud services provide users with duplicating and scaling, great flexibility, resources to balance the requirements of users and hosted applications and solutions.

Essence Solusoft provides Cloud Management Services and Cloud Computing Services to render you a pleasant experience.

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AWS Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a secured cloud service platform that offers database storage, content delivery, compute powers, application services, deployment, management, mobile, developer tools, and tools for the Internet of things and other such functionalities. It provides increased flexibility, scalability and reliability so that sophisticated applications can be built. This helps the business to scale and grow.

Why choose Essence Solusoft as your AWS Managed Service Provider?

  • For 100% Uptime
  • To get complete security
  • To reduce operating cost
  • To get 24×7 response
  • AWS Management Platform
  • AWS Management Services provides operational security to make the business secure
  • AWS services are affordable by all the small and big size of businesses
  • It offers you the option to select the development platform or the programming model as per the suitability of your business
  • It has the highest standard of data security
  • You can select the programming model or development platform that can be most beneficial for your business.

Google Cloud Services

To help you meet your cloud goals, whatever they may be, Google Cloud now offers Power Systems as part of cloud solutions. For deploying and operating applications on the web, Google Cloud service is always a preferred choice.

Google Cloud Platform is a highly secure platform that comprises a range of hosted services for computing, application development, and storage that run on Google’s hardware. You can surely go with Google Cloud infrastructure as Google’s server hasn’t gone down in years.


Offerings of Google Cloud Platform

  • Private API access
  • Integrated billing
  • Integrated customer support
  • Rapid deployment
  • Creative cost control

GCP Consulting Services

If you want to migrate to GCP, expand your GCP, or manage your GCP, Essence Solusoft can help you out. Our Google Cloud Consultants know each and everything to get your concerns resolved.



DigitalOcean is a technology company that was founded by Ben Uretsky. It hosts services across the globe and helps in building, testing, managing, and scaling applications of any size. It is a lightning-fast network with the help of which, one can deploy in seconds. This platform has developer-friendly as well as high-end features. By creating volumes, you can even add more storage.

What is DigitalOcean?

To do your server hosting manually, talk to DigitalOcean Cloud Experts at Essence Solusoft to get the digital services for DigitalOcean Cloud. With fully managed DigitalOcean Server Management Services , our clients get:
  • Improved security
  • Increase productivity
  • Cost and time saving
  • Reduced resource cost

Why DigitalOcean is the best framework for you?

For developing applications, cloud computing technology has become a standard. The DigitalOcean cloud hosting management has grabbed its position due to its attractive features. For custom use, it has high memory droplets and high CPU along with the facility of snapshots and backups for each droplet. It also serves other purposes such as networking, monitoring, data storage units when it is served as Iaas.


Heroku is known for running Dynos applications. Heroku is a Platform as a Service that enables application development and deployment. It sits on top of AWS to deliver an interface specifically designed to make life easier for developers. Heroku is a powerful platform with analytic tools security and 140 inbuilt add-ons. It helps in easy release and also in the management of the apps.


Benefits of using Heroku

  • Leading Platform tools and Services Ecosystem
  • Modern Open Source Languages Support
  • Heroku will help to focus on the development
  • Offers a number of supportive tools
  • It provides fast application lifecycle management

Heroku Deployment Services can be provided via GitHub, Hashicorp Terraform, The Deploy to Heroku button and WAR deployment. At Essense Solusoft, we have a team of experienced Heroku Developers and consultants who will help you with Heroku Consulting and also to developing cloud-based applications.


Engine Yard

Engine Yard offers a platform for cloud application management. It leverages open source technologies for configuration, deployment, and management of applications on multiple infrastructures. It is a platform, services, and people that are specially built up to help app creators gain reliability and support they can count on.

What Does Engine Yard Do?

With the help of Engine Yard, you can:
  • Improve performance with its alerts
  • Uptime and reliability gets improved
  • It scales infrastructure and cloud applications rapidly

At Essense Solusoft, we have a team of Engine Yard Developers who will handle your Engine Yard Services with ease, and in turn, they will provide you with the desired results.

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