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Latest technology and innovations are making life easier, faster and better every day. If you need an economic, all-rounder project hosting platform and efficient issue tracker – Redmine is your answer. It’s a solid step towards a better-managed, stress-free work life. And for the best Redmine custom development services, you need Essence Solusoft

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With the years of experience and result-driven approach in RoR development, we help you leverage Ruby On Rails, a full-stack and modern development framework to create reliable and user-friendly solutions.
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What Is Redmine?

  • Redmine is a top-notch open source application for handling project management requirements. It has a Ruby on Rails framework for ample flexibility across a wide variety of platforms and databases combinations.
  • Looking for a project management tool cum issue tracker that lets you control role based access? Want compatibility with your chosen platform/database? Need to handle multiple projects with individual forums and wiki at once? Redmine gives you all that and more

How Does Redmine Help You?

Redmine is a perfect fit for small to medium scale businesses. However, it's inherently flexible for handling the complex requirements of large corporations too. Here are a few key benefits of this web application that make it a prime choice for companies globally:


You can use it as an online or internal (intranet) tool for project management or as a dedicated issue tracker only.


Redmine offers you flexible choices like role based access control and multiple LDAP authentication support. You can monitor and track every issue for every project individually or group them as required based on your chosen role. It allows you to use various databases and platforms seamlessly.

Integrated charts and reports

Our expert Redmine developers can set it up for you for smooth tracking of projects using features like – Gnatt charts, Calendar, Time trackers, Reports, Feeds & email notifications etc.

Individual project space

Redmine gives you features for news, documents & files management and separate forums and wikis for every project. Thus, you can have teams working on multiple threads using the same application, without messing it all.

Customisation with plugins

As a top Redmine plugin development company, we can provide you additional flexibility with a huge number of third party plugins. With Redmine plugins development, we can add any functional module configured for your particular business requirements.

Why Do You Need Essence Solusoft for Redmine Plugin Development Services?

At Essence Solusoft, we provide Redmine custom development with dedicated support for you. Our expertise in Redmine plugin development and its enterprise integration gives you the best flexible solution for all your project management needs.

We offer Redmine plugin development services that are tailored for you through proficient consultancy, design, and development. And it’s all within your budget.

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Scouring the market for efficient Redmine developers for hire? Drive away your concerns with our expert consultancy, training and custom development competencies on Redmine. Contact us today.


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