Project Description

Beespoke is a portal, where the service provider can provide service to the client(customers)
The Portal works in the synchronized manner of three separate portals /platform
  • Mobile App ( User Platform )
  • Web App (Provider Portal )
  • Web App (Admin Portal )
  • Mobile App: A normal user can sign-in through a mobile application and get services from different providers. Registered users can see details of providers along with history and rating. The user can also do conversation with a provider for the information related to service.
  • Web App (Provider Portal): A person who is providing different services, for eg (Cleaning, Babysitting, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting etc.) register to this portal along with their work area, once they are verified they are allowed to get search in the mobile app. The provider can get different visibility to the client based on plans (Free / Public), there are limitations to the plan as well selected by the provider. Until Provider doesn’t complete his profile with all the necessary information required that provider will not be visible to the users. Also, there is API developed for mobile application with the backend.
  • Web App ( Admin Portal ):Admin can manage providers/users/booking and another level management.

Project information

Technology used

Ruby 2.4.1, Rails 5.1.3, HTML, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, ActiveAdmin



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devise, rubocop, active_admin,form_admin, draper, active_admin_datetimepicker, activeadmin_addons, seedbank, phony_rails, money-rails, mandrill_mailer, carrierwave, mini_magick, fog-aws, koala, faker, time_round, sidekiq, nexmo, figaro, onfido

Conceptual Design Samples

Harshad Parekh