Mar 9, 2023
ROR Developers' skill, JD, salary and all

Do you Know?

According to, there are 3,841,525 websites currently using the Ruby on Rails framework.

Nearly 2% of the Top 1 Million, 4% of the Top 100k, and 7% of the Top 10k websites use RoR in their tech stack.

There are 800k websites in USA and UK only using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails = Programmer happiness and sustainable productivity.

Let’s have a quick overview of Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on rails aka RoR or rails is an open-source modern web development framework used by developers to build complex and scalable web applications.

Initially released in 2004, Ruby on rails is written in the programming language called Ruby and developed by Danish programmer David Heinemeier Hansson under an MIT license.

RoR is an excellent framework used for web development and comes with affordability and quick development.

Many people call RoR the ‘startup technology.’ This framework enables startups and companies to build rapid prototypes and make their product market ready. The process of software development becomes simplified with RoR. The simplicity and agile methodology have made RoR the talk of the town.

Ruby on rails aka RoR or rails is an open-source modern web development framework used by developers to build complex and scalable web applications.

Understanding Ruby On Rails Developers: Skills, Job Responsibilities, Salary, Interview Questions, and More

How do I become an RoR developer?

Ruby on Rails, or RoR developer, is an app development professional. They write codes to develop applications in the interface of RoR.

RoR developers have many names, like lead developer, software engineer, web developer, or front-end developer. RoR developers work in large organizations or software companies in the department of IT.

Tasks of an RoR developer

Writing code, developing, testing the product, and implementing new web applications and software in Ruby. 

  • Improving Ruby software through testing. 

  • Documenting the software. 

  • Discussing the customer’s wishes and planning on how to achieve them.

  • Administration and creation of API. 

  • Offers suggestions and advice to customers. 

  • Performing troubleshooting.

RoR developers are also responsible for developing components for the back end, working with web services, connecting applications, helping in the front-end development, and integrating the application.

Why do developers love Ruby on Rails?

There are several advantages when you are working with Ruby on Rails. Here is some reason which makes RoR the favorite of developers.

  • Speed: Overall, RoR uses fewer lines of code and a lean code base that helps accelerate the development process. RoR developers appreciate Ruby on Rails because of its modular design, object-oriented approach, and simple logic. 

In RoR, there is no requirement for building infrastructure, selecting defaults, or configuring files. All the elements present in RoR are readily available. 

Developers get the flexibility to use third-party libraries and use them in the final product. All these things help accelerate the process of development. One can leverage the coding process and integrate testing instead of depending on external tools. 

  • Flexibility: RoR offers flexibility which has made it famous. The framework of rails is adaptable, so the organization of different sizes and startups loves RoR. 

One can remove or add modules when needed and expand or modify the application’s part throughout development. This flexibility allows developers to pick the correct elements and derive excellent results. 

  • Scalability: The code behind the RoR framework is known to be self-documenting. Instead of writing plenty of documentation, developers can start working on the project. Most web applications nowadays are written using Rails.

Ruby on Rails comes with an open-source community. One can access the pre-made solutions built and tested by other developers. In the community, you will find advice, tips, solutions, etc.

  • Easy to maintain: ROR is an open source, so there is no licensing cost, making it more attractive to startups. Developers can save money and time, build projects, and quickly complete work. RoR is said to be easy to maintain. 

The framework has evolved significantly in the past few years, and the code favors convention more than configuration. It is easy to troubleshoot, and there are fewer bugs when working with RoR. Developers love RoR as they can update their applications, refactor their code, and easily add new functionalities.

Roles and Responsibilities of Ruby On Rails Developers

Roles of RoR Developers

Ruby on Rails Developers is software designers and expert programmers whose primary task is to work with the Ruby programming language. 

Many companies are now focussing on recruiting more RoR developers because RoR offers excellent flexibility and allows businesses to fulfill digital demands. Hence it is essential to know the roles played by an RoR developer.

Roles of RoR Developers

RoR developers are known for their versatility. They are skilled in both backend and front-end technologies, along with sound knowledge in design, programming language, and database structure.

In any project, their task is to gel quickly with other RoR developers and do the job seamlessly. In a team, Ruby on Rails developers can play multiple roles, some of which are explained below:


RoR developers are known to be full-stack programmers and skilled in making designs an excellent front-end for any web application, including layout and color schemes.

Even wireframes designed by the UX/UI team can expect mockups from the RoR developers. The process of designing needs collaboration between both teams.


In the entire application development cycle, RoR developers play a significant role. They write codes by solving programming problems and creating programs using Ruby.


For any software project, the testing process is a critical aspect. RoR programmers are familiar with Cucumber or RSpec framework and automated testing tools. They must know unit testing frameworks like MinTest or Unit.

System Administrator

RoR developers must have the knowledge to configure and install software components to run the application properly in the OS.

                class Order < ApplicationRecord
    around_create :create_order_with_line_items
    def create_order_with_line_items
        ActiveRecord::Base.transaction do
            yield # Execute the actual creation within a transaction

RoR Developers' Responsibilities

RoR development has gained humongous popularity because of its framework. Unfortunately, there needs to be more clarity regarding understanding the responsibilities of an RoR developer.

If you plan to hire an RoR developer, here are some tasks and duties you can expect them to bring to the table.

  • When hiring an application developer who can build services and web applications using the Rails framework, you can expect them to write code for both the client and server sides. They will also manage the database. 

  • RoR developers will apply their knowledge in algorithms, data structure, and techniques using object-oriented programming.

  • They will tackle security issues and ensure full compliance with government regulations regarding the user’s data privacy. 

  • RoR developers will collaborate with other team developers to ensure timely project delivery. 

  • They will correct errors and fix bugs by running tests.

  • RoR developers will also write technical specification documents to make it easy to understand how the application components work and the requirements. 

  • They will be skilled in working with Resque and RSpec libraries. RoR developers will integrate multiple databases or data sources into one system.

  • RoR developers also collaborate with front-end developers, project managers, designers, and stakeholders in each step of the project’s life cycle. 

  • They work on improving the scalability and performance of applications and websites.

What skills are required for a Ruby on Rails developer?

There are many RoR developers currently in the market. However, still, it is a hard task when it comes to hiring an RoR developer who can upscale the project with their excellent skills.

If you plan on becoming an A-grade RoR developer, here are some qualities and skills you need to inculcate.

Technical Skills for RoR Developers

Project Understanding

For RoR development, it is essential to have a strong understanding of Object-oriented Programming. An RoR developer must be able to write codes and should know the root difference between inheritance and composition.

Ruby on Rails Skills

The most important Ruby on Rails skills are mentioned below:

  • MVC Architecture: MVC is a pattern needed for building the architecture of a software application. M represents ‘Model,’ which deals with logic and handling data; V represents ‘Views,’ which deals with a graphical interface; and C is for ‘Controller,’ which handles user application and interface. 

Rails come with three subdirectories inside the application directory: model, view, and controller. In the Rails framework, the roles of model, view, and controller are clearly defined. Each model represents the database table as the class that can easily communicate with the code and other objects without SQL. If the RoR developer is familiar with the MVC pattern, it makes the RoR development easy. 

  • Active Record: Active Record is a component of RoR. It is a software pattern that allows Rails to gain the ability to manipulate databases without using SQL. 

With the help of Active Record Library, one can get most tasks done effortlessly. It is rare to develop SQL queries if Active Record libraries exist.

Front-End Skills for Development 

Front-end is responsible for how the user views your application or website. It is crucial to design a user-friendly website or application by keeping all the UX or UI elements in mind. Hence, an RoR developer must have expertise and experience in handling UI/UX elements. Here are a few crucial skills that every RoR developer must be good at. 

  • Javascript: Javascript is a high-level programming language with immense use in web development. By using Javascript, an RoR developer can search any DOM, wrap the hidden HTML element, deal with confirmation dialogues, and many more. 

  • HTML: HTML is crucial when you are working with Ruby on Rails. RoR’s performance enhances when HTML comes into the picture. So a good RoR developer comes with amazing HTML skills. An RoR developer knows how to write HTML tags and where to use them.

Database Skill

The database is a crucial part of app development or website development. For RoR, the key databases are MySql/PostgreSQL and SQL.

  • SQL: Web developers must have a strong understanding of SQL. ActiveRecord will take care of SQL, and the RoR developer must know how to manage to avoid downfall and log properly.

  • MySQL/PostgreSQL: MySQL is a popular database engine ruling the world of web development. RoR developer is expected to have a stronghold of this database engine. PostgreSQL is said to be the updated version, and awareness of it will be cheery on the cake for any developer.

Skill To Handle Tools

The task of website development is a hectic one. It requires a lot of resources and tools to help make the web app successful. An RoR developer must be able to manage the below-mentioned tools.

  • Docker, Heroku, and CI: These are three deployment tools that an RoR developer will need while forming the web application. 

  • Git: Git is an essential tool needed for managing the code, and it is also a standard de facto needed for version control. A developer must know how to create new branches and push the code in Git. 

  • Trello/Asana/Pivotal: If the project is related to ticket management, then learn using Trello/Asana/Pivotal. These tools have been specifically designed for the project development of ticket management sites. By learning how to use these tools, you can enhance your input in the web development process.

Validation And Software Testing Skills

The RoR developer must emphasize the testing and verifying the end product before releasing it in real-time. One can hire a team of testing and quality assurance.

Still, it is advisable to have RoR developers do this task as they are experts in understanding patterns, recognizing loopholes, and running dummy commands. If the RoR developer does not have the skill to test the end product developed by them, the entire work can go in vain.

Passion for development and programming.

One must have a passion for programming. Rails are primarily written using Ruby, which is a programming language. Hence, the developers must perform endless testing and have a passion for code generation, which is difficult.

Soft Skill
  • Communication: An RoR developer must have good communication skills to document solutions and communicate problems effectively while working in a team. RoR developers with great interpersonal skills can adapt easily to the company’s communication channels. 

  • Self-education: The technological world changes frequently and rapidly. To become a brilliant and good developer, it is essential to be updated with recent developments and trends. RoR developers who ensure self-education are in high demand. 

As RoR developers are expected to work with little supervision, they must self-motivate themselves. A senior RoR developer should have leadership qualities that will allow them to collaborate with the team and work toward a common goal.

  • Analytical Skills: Analytical skills are a must-have. RoR developers analyze problems and use the information to reach an optimal solution. It requires significant time to conceptualize, understand and design the features before incorporating them into the code. An RoR developer with advanced logical and analytical skills can quickly create and materialize plausible concepts.

Top certification to become a Ruby On Rails Developer

Famous online courses providers like edX, Edureka, Coursera, Udemy, and many more offer numerous RoR certifications.

Why the IT world needs a Ruby On Rails Developer?

RoR developers are known for their expertise in solving complex business problems using the RoR framework. They are capable of leveraging the RoR features and building web applications that are robust and have great functionalities. RoR allows to enhance user experience, and it is easy to maintain.

Here are some more reasons why the IT world needs more RoR developers.

MVPs and prototype building happen quickly when working with RoR, so it is an excellent choice for startups. By hiring RoR developers, startups can build and launch their products faster in the market when compared to other technologies. RoR is a great option when you want flexibility and speed. 

  • RoR is said to be a cost-effective solution in the IT world. It allows you to launch the product quickly and helps reduce IT costs in the long run. RoR helps leverage cloud services that can significantly reduce the cost of server maintenance. 

  • RoR is a programming language agile in nature. It makes the process of building and scaling applications easy. Incorporating new business changes is easy with RoR. RoR is the best choice for startups as it provides a scalable platform for their product and idea. RoR is created to provide flexibility and ease of code modification. 

  • RoR developers are great at providing e-commerce solutions that can effectively meet the needs of retail and multi-channel businesses. It has numerous gems, which makes sending emails or queuing jobs simple. It also simplifies the process of accepting online payments. 

  • RoR comes with many features that allow developers to do versatile projects. Some features of RoR are flexibility, portability, consistency, and modularity. Developers get ready-made solutions that are easily usable and readily available. This benefits the project in the long run.

Salary of a Ruby On Rails Developer

The salary of a Ruby On Rails developer depends on several parameters like location, education, experience, industry, and company size. However, currently, it will range between $34,500-$177,500.

25th percentile RoR developers can expect $80,000, and 75th percentile RoR Developers can expect $133,000. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of RoR developers is $95,679.

Titles with higher payscale are Senior Ruby on Rails engineer, Ruby Engineer, Senior Ruby Engineer, Full Stack Ruby Engineer, and Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring a Ruby On Rails Developer

Hiring an RoR developer is a challenging task. Hiring someone who later turns out to be inefficient is a bigger mistake. Many organizations are fighting to onboard the best talents in their company. It is a huge responsibility to analyze RoR developers and see if they fit the organization.

Failure to analyze the application or insufficient information about the employee can lead to wrong hiring. Here are some blunders that you need to stay away from.

Need to go through the application thoroughly. 

Ask the applicant for the introduction call, which will allow you to learn about the candidate. Ask them pertinent questions to cross-check the skills and expertise mentioned in the CV.

Hiring inexperienced RoR Developers 

Some people will look for fresh RoR developers with no RoR development history, which will help them bag candidates at a lower wage. Well, cost-cutting like this never ends at a good point. Always hire candidates who can fit into your business requirement. 

When a developer has more experience, it ensures a well-finished end product. Apart from this, an experienced RoR developer will be more capable of comprehending the needs and overcoming issues. 

  • Verifying and testing the wrong skills

In several hiring processes, Ruby on rails developers is asked business questions based on expertise and skills irrelevant to the project. To avoid hiring the wrong candidate, you need to compile an interview questionnaire related to the project’s requirements.

  • Hiring based on resume

The resume is the first thing we look into while hiring a candidate, but there should be others besides the resume. In resumes, it is evident that developers will inflate their skills and accomplishment. 

If you are hiring an RoR developer to help you with the business, evaluating their expertise and abilities as a developer is an important aspect that should not be done solely based on a resume.

When should one consider RoR for their project?

When should one consider RoR for their project


RoR is a popular choice for developing web-based applications because it enables you to work with minimal lines of code. The journey of developing to testing the application is unbelievably quick.

For authentication and caching, RoR provides amazing support. Here are five cases when you should consider RoR as the spine of your project.

  • Social Networking Application 

If you want to build a social networking application, RoR is a great choice. RoR is freeing you from any worries surrounding infrastructure. It has all the features to run and develop a scalable web app. 

Before hiring RoR developers and building a team, properly defining your requirements, goals, and needs is crucial. You have to understand the type of developer your project needs, whether you need junior or senior professionals. By sorting these things, you can set up your team quickly. 

  • eCommerce Project 

RoR has a stable framework and is popular among websites with high traffic. It has all the features needed to develop an e-commerce website, like integrating social media, search engine optimization, data security, caching, etc. Shopify is using RoR and is a popular eCommerce website.

  • Entertainment

RoR framework is versatile and can be used to build entertainment sites like Hulu. One can easily read or modify the code. So the developers get the flexibility to improve their application and add new functionality. 

  • Health 

RoR provides custom-tailored solutions that can adapt easily to the changes made to clients’ requests. For a dynamic and real-time environment, RoR is a great choice. 

  • Project Management 

This amazing framework helps build web-based projects that run without any failure. One classic example is Basecamp. RoR is the soul and heart of Basecamp.

How to hire a good Ruby On Rails Developer

To meet business needs, many businesses need professional RoR developers. Here is a short guide that will help you to hire devoted RoR developers. One can employ good RoR developers who can help build amazing software products by ensuring a proper hiring process.

Understanding the business needs and defining key expertise needed for the project

To hire excellent RoR developers, one needs to evaluate all the candidates’ competencies and see which one is catering to their business needs.

Apart from looking for developers with strong technical skills, one must also emphasize their ability to gel with their team and communicate effectively, along with amazing time management and problem-solving skills.

Experience relevant to the project

It is advisable to hire RoR developers who have previously worked on projects similar to your niche. RoR developers come with different expertise levels.

Prepare assignments based on the resume of the candidate and relevant to the project. Evaluate their code quality, coding style, architecture, guidelines, conventions, scalability, and maintainability.

Prepare Interview Questions

You need to sort the solid developers from the average RoR developers, and for this, you need to curate a list of technical interview questions. You can follow a guideline for hiring RoR developers. The aim is to look for developers who will fit perfectly in your project’s culture and team.

A thorough interview will help you to hire a competent developer. Some developers can have great technical skills but are terrible at soft skills. Give technical and soft skills equal importance while hiring.

Places to look for while hiring RoR Programmers

If you are looking to hire RoR developers, you can find the fine ones in three places; offshore, local, or hybrid. Each option comes with its pros and cons. Depending on the project’s specifics, you can pick the right one.

Local RoR Developers

Local option is expensive when it comes to hiring Ruby programmers. They can quickly adapt to your team. The downside is that the wages are high, and finding a Rails developer who can get on board on short notice will take a lot of work. 

Motivating, finding, and competing with global companies and enterprises with local Ruby programmers will take some time.

Offshore Dedicated RoR Developers

The offshore option is inexpensive and allows the Rails programmer to work remotely. However, the positive effects of offshoring developers get overshadowed as it is time-consuming and requires cost management.

You must consider the time difference to working with remote developers in real time. The time difference, less than 7 hours, is significant for building an efficient work process.

Hybrid Model

The hybrid model is one of the best when hiring RoR developers. It combines both local and global models. Here you can hire RoR local developers who can meet the team when required.

The hybrid model also ensures excellent communication between the programmer and team members and does not burn a hole in the pocket.


There are plenty of reasons to opt for RoR for developing your project. It is simple to use the framework of RoR, and it offers attractive and innovative solutions.

Hiring talented RoR developers is a hectic task, but by considering the above-discussed points, you will surely get an amazing RoR developer onboard. A developer with innovative ideas and a willingness to learn new things bring a lot to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ruby On Rails Developer

  • Where can one find an RoR developer? 

Ans: Across the world, there are several talented RoR developers, but finding the one that caters to your business and technological needs is a hassle. So write a checklist and look for skilled developers with high-quality product development capability in the local, offshore, or hybrid model.

  • How much does RoR development cost? 

Ans: RoR development is inexpensive, so it is the first choice of many startups. The project surrounding RoR typically has a budget of $25,000-$100,000. Other frameworks are available in the market, but those come with more complexities and demand more money. 

  • Is RoR a great choice for development in 2023?

Ans: Yes, RoR is in high demand. Since 2004, the RoR web application framework has been going strong. It is scalable, fast, easy to use, and has many functionalities. It has a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries. For e-commerce and startup projects, RoR has emerged to be the popular choice.

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