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We provide two types of quizzes:

  1. Specific product quizzes
  2. Quizzes for all products.

The number of quizzes you can create depends on your plan.

To activate or deactivate a quiz, go to the quiz listing page and find the quiz you want to manage. Toggle the switch next to the quiz name to activate or deactivate it.

Yes, there are quiz options available without discounts.

Yes, quizzes offer discount options as optional

The number of quizzes you can create depends on your plan.

When a customer completes a quiz, they can submit their answers and unlock exclusive deals or rewards based on their performance.

The priority is given to the quiz specifically created for that product. If a quiz has been tailored for a particular product, it will be the one displayed on the product page. However, if there is not a specific quiz for a product, the general quiz created for all products will be displayed instead.

Yes, a single customer can take unlimited quizzes, but quizzes cannot be the same.

At least two questions are required, with no maximum limit.

No, each product can only be associated with one Quiz.

If particular quizzes are available, they will be displayed; otherwise, all product quizzes will be shown.

No, there are no limitations. You can create as many Quizzes as needed.

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