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There are two types of possibilities to apply specifications:

  1. In case of different types of specifications, both will be applied to him.
  2. In the case of the same type of specifications, anyone random specification will be applied to him.

No limitations. You can create as much as you need.

Yes. You can give a discount on specific products. When you will create a new specification then it will ask you to choose any one option

  1. Any Order
  2. Specific Collections - Only selected collections get a discount.
  3. Specific Products - Only selected products to get a discount.
  4. Abandoned Cart Products - Whatever product is added on a cart by the customer that products only will get discount

Unfortunately, we have not added features to add limitations because as many discount codes will be sent to the customer. Customers will purchase many products from your stores.

No. Shopify doesn’t allow its customers to use more than one discount code on the checkout.

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