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It will help to find child products of the bundle during fulfillment and shipment so they can easily identify how many and which products contain this bundle.
You can also export that as well as integrate into Shopify's Order Printer app.

When the order will be received then we are checking with the order's location_id and if we are not getting it then we are managing quantity from the primary location

Yes. The paid plan is necessary for the same.

Review bundle will show all bundles which products have no stock or product deleted. So Merchant can update Bundle or remove Bundle as per needed. Merchant can see missing product error messages.

No. One master product will be used for only one Bundle.

The bundle is taking the minimum quantity of those inventory level and ignore 0 quantity

The number of products added in the Bundle will be deducted from that product inventory when Bundle ordered.

Yes. So this will be treated as a single product and inventory will be not managed with us

If you make bundle deactivate then it will show bundle as sold out.
If you make bundle activate then it will calculate quantity based on child products and make this bundle available with that quantity.

If an order does have location_id, then bundle process corresponding to that location.
If an order does not have location_id, then bundle will process corresponding to the primary location of the shop set by the store owner in shopify settings.
Locations in Shopify

Bundle App won't be able to manage quantity for products which does not have inventory tracking enabled?
As Shopify won't allow us to update the quantity Bundle App won't be able to update quantity for such products

Solution: You need to enable tracking for those products which you are adding as bundles child product.

Track Inventory

As we are using Shopify's default product picker during the creation of the bundle, you can search for products that are available on Online Sales Channel. So if you want to create a bundle from another sales channel then add an Online sales channel to the product temporarily and then create a bundle and then remove the Online Sales channel from the product. So such a way you can create a bundle from another sales channel as well

A Package, which can be customized by the customer themself, that which are the products that customer wants to buy.

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