Project Description

It is surveys generator application.

  • Web portal – For surveyor (Who can create surveys and share)
  • Mobile application (ios/Android) – For participants (who can fill up survey forms)
  • Admin Portal – Participant/Surveyor/Survey management

On web portal, the surveyor can generate survey with a simple sign in with a mobile number and OTP. After signing surveyor can create projects and inside projects they can add surveys. For create a survey, we have given 6 controls(short text, long_text, date, dropdown, multi-choice, and rating along with icons and step changes) as of now with start and end screens. Surveyor can create a survey using this controls and share with participants(With email/mobile number of the geographic map) who signed in using mobile application. User can get push notifications on mobile platforms.

On the mobile application, We have created an APIs for the same. Participants can sign in using their mobile number and OTP. After that, they can see all the surveys on which he/she invited by the surveyor. Then they can fill up that survey and based on a survey they can get points.

Project Information

Technology used

Ruby 2.4.3, Rails 5.1.4, HTML, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, ActiveAdmin




Sales & Marketing

Project management tools


Source management tools



Amazon AWS


devise, tinymce-rails, intl-tel-input-rails, paperclip, bootstrap3-datetimepicker-rails, geocoder, twilio-ruby, ransack, activeadmin, fcm

Conceptual Design Samples

Harshad Parekh