My Property Build

Project Description

A Project Management Tool for Construction Real Estate. My property build has all the features you need to keep your building project in budget, on time and under control. User can add properties over here. Based on selection of property user can switch view. User can also invite collaborators to manage all panels with read/manage permission.

Based on property user can manage below panels

  • My Charts – Visualise your project progress and spend.
  • My Suppliers – Maintain a list of your key suppliers and their contact details.
  • My Costs – Track your spend and VAT. Use tags to filter and categorise.
  • My Inventory – Keep track of materials purchased to save from duplicate purchases.
  • My Timesheets – Keep tabs on who does what and when.
  • My Snagging – Access and update any problem or snag throughout your build.
  • My Team – Store your teams contact details and expertise.
  • My Photos – Capture and store photos of the project progress.
  • My Documents – Keep copies of all important documents online
  • My Tasks – Keep a list of items that need completing
  • My Ideas – Save ideas to review later.
  • My Schedule – See important events at a glance including payment dates.

Detailed Description if needed with screenshot:

My Costs

My costs allows you to track your build costs as fees, products, services and subscriptions. This tracks the projected and actual costs with the variance between them, my costs also tracks your VAT reclaim opportunities.

My Inventory

My inventory allows you to keep a record of all the inventory items you have, where they are stored, date received, a picture and quantity.

My Charts

My Charts lets you compare cost data, see your biggest spend, average spend per month and any other charts that you could possible want. There is also the ability to use tags when adding items to my costs so that you can filter data using the tags on the charts.

My Suppliers 

My suppliers allows you to keep records of all your suppliers and their details. You can also connect inventory, snagging, costs and tasks to the suppliers; meaning everything is integrated and categorised.

My Team

My team allows you to add team members who are working on your project, you can store their information, allocate tasks to team members and opt to have an email of a snagging sent to the team member it affects. The collaborators feature lets you choose teams members to view certain information for selected properties.

My Ideas 

My ideas allows you to store pictures and website links to products and services which you may want to use in the future.

My Documents 

My documents allows you add documents in photo or document form, this means you can store an electronic version of any important documents e.g. receipts or invoices

My Snagging 

My snagging allows you to manage any snags that may happening during building, tracking it through status stages. Snags can also send an email to the affected team member to let them know if they cannot work on that task or to fix the snagging.

My Timesheets

My timesheets allows you to create a timesheet for your team members either for your own reference or to share with your team members to check if they are correct. It could also be used by a collaborator to enter their timesheet for the main user to know to pay.

My Collaborators  

My collaborators allows you to invite anyone with a email address to view or create/edit selected features to make the features integrated with your builder, interior designer or architect.

My Tasks

My tasks allows you to create and allocate tasks to your team mambers, select inventory items they are using and have the task appear in your schedule.

Project information

Technology used

Ruby 2.6.5, Rails 6.0.2, HTML, JQuery, Shopify


PostgreSQL, Redis


bootsnap, shopify_app, shopify_api, sidekiq, devise

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