Discount Device

Project Description

Discount Device is a published Shopify App on the Shopify App Store.

Scheduling discounts is more convenient than ever with our three-in-one Discount Device app!

The time-consuming days of creating discount rates on product pages than having to click over to a different app for promotional banner messaging are over. With Discount Device, the merchant can create a promotional banner, set the discounted rate, and schedule the banner and discount to start and end at the desired times. Fast, convenient, easy.

Here we have added date time picker for select banner schedule time and also merchants can select colors for fonts and background. They can also select a discount rate by fixed price or percentage and based on it automatically discount will be added for that products and when the banner’s end date will be complete then automatically remove a discount from the products.

Project information

Technology used

Ruby 2.6.5, Rails 6.0.2, HTML, JQuery, Shopify


PostgreSQL, Redis


bootsnap, shopify_app, shopify_api, sidekiq, devise

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Harshad Parekh