IoT device simulator with MQTT

IoT-device-simulator was an MQTT based IoT system where we can add devices and get connected with it. In this, the authorized user should create templates that are about the device JSON file. After the creation of a template user can add a device with



For MQTT can’t get a solution that how it is working on the server after connection and how its session was generated and how to show live communication to site


  • While searching for MQTT, I got a very good solution flespi.
  • Flespi is an innovative backend platform for connecting telematics hardware of any type to various BI and telematics systems, providing unified data communication via REST API.
  • We have used the MQTT broker API for creating a live session for the current device and checking how devices are communicating.
  • In the MQTT client tab, we are creating a session for the device and create a client for the same
Iot Device Simulator (2)
  • Customers who show the product also purchases the productWe have established a connection for a client in flespi with rails console. And send and receive messages manually on flespi dashboard
flespi panel
  • Another roadblock is that how we will display live communication from flespi. For that, we have used Action cable broadcast feature of rails framework and created channel and use thread
communication code
  • And displaying on our website like
communtication display