Privi Point - A modular driven application

Project Description

PriviPoint is a service-based and built with ruby on a rails development application that lets you, Market, Sell, Buy, Discover, Trade, Alert, Search, Manage, and much more all from your mobile device. No matter where you are.

PriviPoint has the power to make a user a merchant, reporter, Event organizer, buyer/seller, and much more all at the same time from your mobile device. 

PriviPoint is a modular driven mobile and web-based application so new functional modules will be added frequently to continue to enhance the experience. Our unique design approach makes the solution robust, scalable, efficient, user friendly, and FAST!

A smart combination of social network and service-based application, PriviPoint is the leader on social's Goods & Services market place application.
Make interactions, awareness, and discovery simple with the world's finest application.

Main features:

Social Network

- Connect with PriviPoint's Buyers/Sellers using instant messaging, and TRACK your contacts for an appointment in case of good or service exchanges.

Buy, Sell, Alert, Market, Search and Share

– One of the most promising MARKET PLACE worldwide.


– Ability to TRACK people or have people track you when making GOODS/SERVICES transactions.

Lost & Found 

– Users will place a PIN where they may have LOST/FOUND an entity (someone/something).

Our Work:

  • Created Web application 
  • Created API for mobile applications

Project Information

Technology used:
Ruby 2.3.2, Rails 4.2.6, HTML, Bootstrap, CoffeeScript


devise, omniauth-facebook, omniauth-google-oauth2, geocoder, aws_sdk, fog, week_of_month, capistrano-rails, carrierwave, mini_magick, file_validators, will_paginate-bootstrap, dropzonejs-rails, breadcrumbs_on_rails, momentjs-rails, whenever, friendly_id

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